connor and brussels

Remember the vegetable triaging (as it were) going on around here earlier this fall?  We’ll, I’m finally getting to the last of the cold-hardy veggies that have been hanging out in the ground by themselves for the past month or so, waiting for a little love, and getting sweeter all the while.  Thank goodness they are able to wait, as it certainly helped ease the time crunch earlier in the harvest season. And truthfully, I love them all the more for their patient nature.  In late October and early Novemeber the boys and I dug our carrots, turnips, parsnips and beets, and pulled all of the cabbages and brussels sprouts.  I suppose I have a special fondness for the cabbages and brussels, as I never cease to be amazed at how awesomely beautiful they are as plants, and how crazily huge and strong they are.  Connor is pretty strong for a 6 year old, but he couldn’t even come close to pulling the brussels sprout plants out of the ground, and even I had to work pretty hard at it. And getting the roots off of the bottom of the stalks? For me, that job takes a hatchet.   Indeed, they are strong, patient,and  resilient….oh, and of course, awesomely delicious.

ian and brussels

boys and brussels

hands and brussels asgain

connor pulling brussels

brussels in basket and my foot

brussels and cabbage in basket