Photo copyright Jeff Scher

Interested in canning and preserving your own food, but not sure where to start?  Or, are you already into preserving, but want to brush up on your skills?  Then join me for a class!  I teach classes and workshops on home canning, as well as other methods of food preservation.  Canning classes cover safe home canning and preserving practices and techniques, and as a group we make and can one food item (ie jam, pickles, salsa, etc…) during class.  Most classes are three hours long, and are hands-on. We cover a lot of ground in a fairly short period of time, but there is plenty of opportunity for questions and informal discussion.  Most classes are limited to 8 people so that everyone can get involved and gain hands-on experience, and I provide resources and information on how to get started preserving on your own, if you’re new to it. If you live in Maine or are visiting, I hope you can join me for a class!