After having been totally focused on the book for most of the summer, I’m glad to have had an opportunity to get back to some of the regular, day-to-day tasks and activities around our home and garden this fall, at a more relaxed pace.  Here are a little bit of what we’ve been up to lately…..

The cold frame prepped and ready for planting in late September…..

cold frame ready to plant

Pizza hot off the grill…..enjoying the last days of alfresco dining this fall.

Pizza from the grill

Ian loves to hide among the cabbages….

Ian in cabbage

Connor cooking on his own for the first time (with me close by, of course ). He cut up carrots and sauteed them in a bit of olive oil.  His idea, and all his doing….and the result was delicious!

Connor cooking carrots

And of course Ian is close behind his big brother…he’s a big fan of peeling an cutting any vegetable he can get his hands on.

Ian cutting carrots

The boys loved removing dried corn from the ear with this awesome device at the Common Ground Fair!

Connor at Commonground fair 2012

Boys at Common ground fair 2012

A bit of pumpkin carving for Halloween….

connor carving pumpkin

And of course, there’s been lots of leaf-raking and general clean-up going on around here…..

Connor raking

boys raking

me and leaves on tractor

….as well as manure-spreading on the garden….

Ben and connor on tractor spreading manure

…compost pile-moving….

moving compost

Ian moving compost

…and eel grass-collecting for the garden.

eel grass at sunset

Ian collecting eel grass

Hope you’ve enjoyed your fall as well!