We’ll, were finally bottling the cider.  We started it just over a year ago–right around Halloween of 2009. It’s been fermenting in the basement in a five gallon carboy, and based on taste and lack of any obvious fermentation action, it’s been ready to bottle and drink since probably May or June (or earlier, depending on your taste).   It’s been one of those things on my mental preserving to-do list, and every time I’d run to the basement for a canning jar, or to put a load of blanched green beans in the chest freezer, I’d be reminded of it.  I’d see the cider waiting there, quiet and still, but somehow in midst of summer, with the vegetable gardens going crazy in the heat and way too much to do, bottling the cider ended up sliding down the priority list.  All I could hope was that the cider would hold, and not start to sour or get any off flavors.   Fortunately, we discovered this evening, the cider has indeed held–very well in fact.  When Ben and I tasted it as we started bottling, we were so relieved–it was delicious.  Here’s to the  patience of cider!

bottling the cider 1,  11-7-10

Bottling the Cider 2, 11-7-10

bottling the cider 3, 11-7-10

bottling the cider 4, 11-7-10

bottling the cider 5, 11-7-10