It’s strawberry season again!  And it came early this year–due, I suppose, to the unseasonably warm winter and relatively early spring we’ve had.  Strawberry picking is one of my favorite seasonal things to do, and so mid last week we headed out to Broadturn Farm in Scarborough.  They offer organic, pick-your-own strawberries, and they’re also well known in the area for their excellent organic vegetable and flower CSAs.  Broadturn is a historic farm on over 400 acres, and it has been preserved as agricultural land through the Scarborough Land Conservation Trust.  Stacy Brenner and John Bliss, the farmers who’ve run the place since 2006, are great folks, and the ones responsible for growing Broadturn Farm into what it is today.  Addition as of July 1, 2015: Please note that Broadturn Farm no longer offers pick-your-own strawberries…..sorry!

We had a lovely morning picking berries.  It was pretty hot, but the boys didn’t seem to mind.  They seemed quite content seated on the comfy straw between rows slowly picking and eating.  And I was oh-so-pleasantly surprised that I actually got a decent amount in my basket!  This was the first year since before Connor was born that I wasn’t trying to pick while very pregnant, or with a baby on my back, or both.  And, unlike last year when we had to leave early, the boys did quite a good job this time at not stepping on, or sitting on, the strawberry plants, thankfully.  Hooray for small victorties!  The  berries were so good, and we had such fun, that we even went back again yesterday.

Ian in the strawberry patch, 6-21-10

Ian showing strawberry in patch, june 2010

Ian in the strawberry patch 2, june 2010

Connor and Ian sitting in the strawberry patch, June 2010

Connor and Ian standing in the strawberry patch, June 2010

Connor sitting in strawberry patch

Connor smiling in Strawberry patch, June 2010