Well, considering all the urgency I felt around needing to collect the eelgrass, it has taken me way too long actually get it onto the garden.  I suppose it would have been relatively quick and easy to get it on there if the garden had actually been weeded already, but this was definitely NOT the case with our garden.   The weeds got the best of me in June with everything else going on, so I’ve now spent the last two weeks trying to catch up.  During any given weeding session, Connor likes to help for about five minutes, and Ian likes to help for about one minute, then they’re on to something else that invariably requires my attention.  As you can imagine, weeding while they’re with me is a SLOW process.  So, I’ve been going out as much as I can after the boys are in bed, enjoying the sunset, and then weeding by headlamp for a while more.  I finally finished the weeding and mulching (the vast majority of it, anyway) yesterday–yay!   Hopefully those dark, thick layers of eelgrass will keep the weeds at bay–for a while at least!

Community garden newly seaweeded