A week or so ago, Connor, Ian and I made what is becoming our annual trip to Ricker Hill Orchards in Turner for bulk apples.  It’s just over an hour drive for us, so it’s not exactly close, but we always make a day of it, heading over to visit nearby Nezinscot farm after getting our apples.  The reason we go all the way to Ricker Hill to get our apples is that, for one, we like the place and their apples, and secondly, it’s the only place around here that I’ve come across that sells utility grade apples in bulk at very good prices.  We get our apples for eating fresh earlier in the season, where as these apples I”ll use entirely for preserving in different ways, so I don’t mind if their aren’t perfect.  Last year I bought about bushel and a half, which kept me busy for a while.  I got about four bushels this year–right around 175 pounds or so total.  Am I totally out of my mind?  Yes, perhaps.   I just keep telling myself that it’s ok if they sit for longer than I’d like and get soft because I can always make applesauce, right?   Apple sauce is, in fact, a lot of what I intend to make, as we go through so much of it.  I’ll also be freezing a lot for pies, and dehydrating a bunch as well.  This all translates into a LOT of peeling and coring apples, so thankfully Ben, Connor, and Ian helped out with it this weekend.  They made great  progress……and there is a lot more to go.

Apple's, Anyone? Nov. 26, 2011, 1

Apples, Anyone? Nov. 26, 2010, 2

Apples, Anyone?  Nov. 26, 2010, 3