Yesterday, the boys and I went corn shopping  (Sounds funny, doesn’t it?).  Corn is one of those things that we don’t yet grow in our own garden.  Given our limited garden space, it’s one vegetable that we decided we’d have to forgo, in favor of other vegetables that seem to yield more, and can be grown more intensively in small spaces.  We love corn, though, and like to fill up our freezer with a good supply of the sweet local stuff to enjoy throughout the winter.  So, that means that during July and August, I’m always on the lookout for bulk deals on good, local corn.  There’s a small, roadside produce market just a short trip inland that recently caught my eye while driving by, as it was advertising fresh corn at remarkably low prices.  So, Connor, Ian, and I went over yesterday to check it out.  When we arrived around 10:30, they were just unloading corn from the truck.  Apparently the corn had come from a farm about an hour or so drive to the south, and had just been picked that morning.  Yay–couldn’t ask for more than that!  I bought eight dozen ears, loaded them in the back of the car, and headed home for some serious back yard shucking.

Corn in a basket, 7-20-10

Ian with the basket of corn, july 2010

Ian reaching in to basket of corn, july 2010

Ian begins to shuck corn, July 2010

Ian shucking corn close up 1, July 20, 2010

Ian shucking corn close up 2, July 20, 2010

Ian pulling the corn out of the husk, July 2010

Ian ripping off the last of the husk

Ian showing the corn silk

Ian shucking corn more, july 2010

Connor and Ian shucking corn, July 2010

Ian eating the cob after the corn was cut off, July 22, 2010